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This is the beautiful "Butterfly Tree" located in Pavo, Georgia at Karyl's. To see the Butterfly Tree in person is a very emotional experience. So many names, so many pictures, so many children that are gone but will never be forgotten. They will live in our hearts "Forever"! They are and will always be our "Beloved Children".

Shannon Taylor
Valley, Nebraska
Mother of
Matthew Christopher (15)
Instant Messenger= faerikisst

Matthew left us two weeks after this photo of MJ & Matt was taken

I'm Shannon Taylor, mother of Matthew Christopher (15). I am 40 years old and I live in Valley, Nebraska, a small town about a half hour from Lincoln Nebraska, home of the Cornhuskers...Go big red! My husbands name is Brian, and I have a twenty year old son, M.J..Zoey is my seizure alert dog who has saved me twice! GOOD DOG! Tierney is my baby ferret who makes me laugh and keeps me smiling! I am a big football fan, college and pro; Cornhuskers,Florida State, Cowboys, and Packers. I love hockey; Chicago Blackhawks and Dallas Stars. I love gardening and being outdoors at night. I'm very spiritual. AND I LOVE THE PEOPLE at POS! Each one of you is invaluable to me! Thank you

Cynthia Du Bose
Yorba Linda, California
Mother of
Chris (26)

I am a single mother of only one child, my son Chris. I used to work as a programmer in the Aerospace industry, but now I do web design and programming. This picture shows me with Chris when he was about 1 1/2 and I was 27. The insets are me two years ago (at 50) and Chris about a year ago (at 25). I don't have any more recent pictures! (I look a little worse for the wear now .....last two years have been tough!) Chris was the light of my life. He was a wonderful person who could be difficult, but was never unkind or cruel. I lost him on November 17, 2000 (a day that will live in infamy).
I used to enjoy Tai Chi, yoga, and Zen meditation. Since I lost Chris, I have done none of these things, but I'm trying to get back into them. It has been very difficult, changing my career at my age, and going through a lot of distressing things even before Chris took his life -- a relationship with an abusive man, bad experiences with two therapists, and several lost jobs.

Su Smyres
Hutchinson, Kansas
Mother of
Richard Michael Smyres (26)

In The Picture:
Starting on the left back row:
(Cathy) & husband (Charlie), my angel (Richard), me (Su), husband (Dale), (Rose & her son Dalton). Standing form left front: Cathy & Charlie's 2 children (Ashleigh) & (Geoffery), Richard's daughter (Haley), & (Michelle).
This was the last picture taken of the family only 3 months before Richard would end his life on October 12, 2000

My name is Su. I am 51 years old. Dale my husband and I, own a Phillips 66 service station and are in our 20th year at this location. Dale and I just celebrated 30 years of marriage on December 20th. We have three surviving children. Cathy (29) in school to be a nurse, Michelle (23) in school to be a social worker, and Rose (19) works for an attorneys office here in Hutchinson, and Richard my only son (Forever 26). I am a Grandmother to two Granddaughters, Ashleigh (4), Haley (4), and two Grandsons, Geoffery (8) and Dalton (1). I enjoy reading, music, crocheting, knitting and spending time with my grandchildren.

Marcia Gelman Resnick
Queens, New York
Mother of
Douglas Allan Klein (always 22)

This picture was taken in December, 1997- Doug's graduation day from Cornell University We were so happy!! Doug graduated in 3 1/2 years, so he could travel before starting law school. He visited Israel, London, and California, and had a wonderful time. Doug is on the left, Marcia in the middle, and Doug's brother Jeremy. Doug left us on June 28, 1999.

Mother of
Melissa her "Honey Bee" (22)

Two Survivors Visit the "Eternal City" of Rome, Italy

Ptrissa and son Michael McGuire of RI at the Vatican City April '99; 1 year after death of 16 year old brother Brian McGuire; 2 years after suicide of Melissa McGuire; 16 years after suicide of Michael John McGuireI took my only surviving child to Rome for his 19th birthday in April so we could have some POSitive memories of that time of year. His 18th birthday was one week following brother Brian's funeral, he was 16 when sister Melissa died, and only 3 when his father died.

Iris Noble
Mother of
DANNY (18)

I am an LPN and work in the medical unit at our county jail, I have been a nurse since 1976. Tom works for a company that does hazardous waste removal, such as asbestos and lead paint, from houses to bridges. We were married in 1990, I have two daughters and my precious son Danny, who we lost to suicide Sept. 28, 2000. My oldest is Mary LeAnn, who will be 35 this month. I have had no word from her in the last three years, she doesn't know that her brother is gone, and we don't know where she is or how to contact her. She has three children that my younger daughter, Teresa, has guardianship of, they miss their Mom. Teresa Jean is 31 and has a daughter of her own as well as her sisters children, she says she feels like an only child now. Teresa has grown into a strong, beautiful, woman and has really helped us all get through losing her baby brother. Tom and I like to go camping and do road trips around Oregon. I do some craft projects and am an avid reader, love country western, and my two Pomeranian dogs.

Carol LaBonte
Glasgow, Kentucky
Mother of
Ricky Bingham (18)

Hi! I am Carol (Ricky's Mom Forever!) LaBonte. I have four daughters; Debbie, Cindy, Renee, and Cathy. Ricky was my only son and my baby. I miss him so much! I know I will see him again, and that thought keeps me going.

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